wide area networkING for ndi® devices

Cloud for NDI allows users of NewTek NDI® to seamlessly extend their IP video broadcast chains
across the public internet, or via private wide area connections.

the ndi® protocol

NDI® is the most widely used professional IP Video protocol. Hundreds of software and hardware products from NewTek, Sienna and numerous other vendors provide a comprehensive portfolio of IP video components to build next generation workflows.

the next step

Once users experience NDI on their local area network, the next logical step is to extend these workflows across multiple sites. Whether it be linking production studios for corporate video, or delivering remote sports coverage with multicam backhaul, Cloud for NDI delivers.


Cloud for NDI combines StreamCertain™ wide area networking, low latency, real time transcoding and a powerful cloud based collaboration hub creating a straightforward user experience to deliver remote NDI feeds at every location on your global network.

leading the ip video revolution

Gallery Sienna has consistently innovated ahead of the field since 1992
with many world's firsts and industry standards along the way.
With Cloud for NDI, the innovation kicks up another notch
to demonstrate the future of wide area IP Video networking.

Cloud for Sports & Live Events

The dream of frame-synchronised HD multi-cam backhaul over the internet has arrived. Cloud for NDI unlocks new workflows for remote sports coverage. Send a small team to the venue and do the production in your fixed central facility. Cloud for NDI is a disruptive transformation in multicam remote sports production which can slash costs and also enable coverage of niche sports.

Cloud for News Production

Low latency, direct integration with NDI vision mixers and the iOS mobile camera app make Cloud for NDI an incredible infrastructure for live news contribution. Compared to the endless chore and expense associated with booking satellite time, Cloud for NDI delivers unlimited always-on streams in either direction for a few dollars per day.

Cloud for Enterprise VideO

Corporate enterprises are increasingly using video to communicate with their staff and customers. Many enterprises have built studios in multiple locations and Cloud for NDI can create an always-on, real time connection to allow sharing of every source from every studio with every other. Whitelisting and location grouping provide appropriate access control. Sienna.Cloudm even supports remote NDI PTZ control.


In many areas of production, particularly celebrity oriented themes such as movie news, availability of talent is critical. With Cloud for NDI it becomes a trivial exercise to interview a Hollywood celebrity in a studio in Burbank, from your production base in New York. Shared groups allow independant companies to come together for ad-hoc video connectivity in a few clicks of the mouse. Sienna.Cloud's unique Remote PTZ Control  means there no need to send a camera man on site.

Global IP Video Network

Now you can connect up all your NDI devices, across all your locations using a simple cloud based system.
All you do is setup a Cloud for NDI *gateway* computer on each of your local area networks - it works on Mac, Windows and Linux - then connect the systems together using a simple web interface. Having done that, all your NDI based devices, in all your locations can now see each other - and they can share video between them - across the public internet. You can control access to different sources, and also the bandwidth you want to allocate to Cloud for NDI using the simple web interface.

Cloud for NDI is already in use all over the world by Sports broadcasters, Live events companies, News broadcasters, and corporations connecting together their video studios. You can even create an ad-hoc connection to any other Cloud for NDI user, by creating a shared group and inviting them to join you. Never before has it been so easy, so quick and so simple to remotely connect professional video devices.
Cloud for NDI is truly a disruptive, game changing technology you will want to include in your own plans for remote production.


IP Video is starting to take over the broadcast industry and is making all sorts of new workflows possible The NDI Protocol is the most widely used professional IP video protocol and allows you to connect hundreds of different compatible products on your local area network to pass video from one to the other. This is great, but what about passing video *between* different networks, different cities, different continents ? In the past this has meant satellite links, dedicated fibre connections and spending lots of Money
With Cloud for NDI, all that changes...

key features

  • Wide Area Network for NDI based facilities
  • Simple, cloud based configuration
  • Control access and bandwidth per stream
  • Seamless integration with all NDI devices
  • Supports fully encrypted operation
  • Works perfectly between cities or continents
  • Supports Remote PTZ Control over NDI


Cloud for NDI uses a unique set of advanced technologies to realise the dream of a seamless WAN for NDI

Wide Area Network Connection for NDI

This unique service allows your NDI equipped facility to connect to a global network of NDI sites.

Cloud for NDI provides NDI service discovery forwarding across wide area networks (including the internet), and also offers multiple transport modes to suit available bandwidth between sites. The Cloud for NDI Intermediate Protocol compensates for the high latency and lower bandwidth as your NDI streams leave your local gigabit LAN and join a wide area network.

Whilst the required bandwidth is massively reduced, Cloud for NDI maintains good quality picture and sound even when connecting over long distance, high latency links, such as transatlantic connections. Cloud for NDI even supports Fill and Key alpha channel NDI sources.

Remote NDI sources are presented in your list of NDI devices, alongside your local devices, making connectivity trivial and seamless.

Using the Cloud for NDI collaboration hub with your web browser, you can manage site groups and memberships. In addition to managing inter-company connections across multiple sites, Cloud for NDI allows completely independent production facilities to setup ad-hoc connections between themselves for remote contributions of interviews, and other talent-oriented and geographically limited production workflows.

With Cloud for NDI the cloud component is just used for service discovery and configuration - your video flows point to point between your own sites, and never flows through ours or any 3rd party server. This gives you content security (by using an encrypted VPN between your sites) and also ensures minimal latency.

Cloud for NDI is the enabler of a true wide area network between your own sites.


NDI is a TCP based protocol designed for use on a local area network, typically within a single subnet. Bandwidth per stream can be 100MBit/sec for HD.

In order to carry the content of NDI sources across wide area network, Cloud for NDI performs 4 major roles:

* Site Grouping and Discovery - so your various sites know about the others
* NDI Service Discovery Propagation - Your local NDI sources are re-advertised at each of the remote sites, so they can be selected anywhere.
* Bandwidth Reduction - Cloud for NDI uses high quality interframe compression to reduce the bandwidth per HD stream to as low as 2MBit/sec, whilst supporting up to 20MBit/sec for perceptually lossless compression. You select the maximum stream bandwidth for each site.
* StreamCertain™ UDP Protocol - Cloud for NDI moves your video over StreamCertain™ enhanced UDP transport for the long haul, necessary when dealing with large latencies between remote sites, which massively affects TCP bandwidth. StreamCertain™ technology eliminates picture break-up due to packet loss.

Sites connected with Cloud for NDI see all NDI sources on their wide area network as if they were local, and can selection them in the same way, with nothing extra setup to instantly begin accessing a remote NDI source.